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Ground & Air source heat pumps

With rising fuel costs, the use of renewable and alternative energy is increasing everywhere in the world and climate change questions are on everybody's mind. There are many reasons to consider Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps.

Heat pumps collect heat from your garden and move into your home, using a ground loop which transfers heat from the ground into the building, the technology even works under freezing conditions. Although relatively new to the UK 97% of new homes in Sweden are installed with heat pump systems. Heat pumps have a considerable advantage over heating systems fired by fossil fuels as they use free, renewable energy from the ground. Installing a heat pump can reduce energy costs up to 70%, savings vary depending on what fuel is being replaced.

Ramsey Plumbing & Heating Eco Solutions specialise in the provision of renewable energy for domestic customers using proven and innovative technology, environmentally friendly solutions to reduce your fuel costs.

Ramsey Plumbing & Heating Eco solutions has over 20 years experience and we can provide you a with a complete heat saving solution for your individual property suited to your needs and budget, having a team of dedicated apprenticed trained & fully qualified plumbing & heating engineers with the capacity to undertake projects of any size.

For guidance on planning your Ground Source pump and a free quotation please contact our friendly team on 01423 523247 or email

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